Spring '17 Sampler Part 2 - Revenant, Gamma Sector, Bound In Fear [3 CDs]


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CHG 118, 120, 122
Label: Chugcore International

We decided to start a way to help our fans catch up on our monthly additions to our store, and to start doing this we decided to introduce the Sampler bundles which each will contain 3-5 releases by all different artists of some of the most recent Chugcore titles. This is the 2nd of 2 samplers for the Spring Season.

This is a way to catch up on your Chugcore discog and also discover a bunch of awesome new artists along the way. For those who hate playing catch up on all the many titles we release, here's your easy way to snag a few and save some $ on a great deal!

Buy together and support 3 great hardworking bands and SAVE! In this bundle you will receive:
CHG 118 - Bound In Fear - Regicide
CHG 120 - Revenant - Osculum Est Mortis
CHG 122 - Gamma Sector - Elements of Contamination

CDs will be in standard size jewel cases with full color artwork. CDs will come boxed together in a package with extra bubble wrap protection.

This item is almost in stock and ready to ship, and is expected to be arriving in approximately one week. Please allow at least 10 days before the CDs are shipped.

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Revenant - tiny.cc/RevenantCD
Gamma Sector - tiny.cc/GammaSectorMerch
Bound In Fear - tiny.cc/BoundInFearMerch