Codeine King - Still Life and the Great Divorce EP


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CHG 114-2
Label: Chugcore Records
Artist: Codeine King
Album: Still Life and the Great Divorce
Format: Jewel Case CD
Release Date: January 27, 2017
Genre: Nu-Metalcore/Groove
Location: England/Australia
FFO: VCTMS, Lordis, Sworn In, Weeping Wound


Codeine King released their debut EP "Still Life and the Great Divorce" on January 27, 2017 and with the new hype of the comeback album in 2019, we are bringing it back. This is a re-print of the original album which has been out of press since 2017 and originally only 60 copies were pressed.

This is the band's debut release is an EP featuring 6 songs and containing guest vocal spots from Ty Ignacio of devthbed and Ro Han of I Built the Sky.


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1. Nobody
2. Greytown (ft. Ty Ignacio of devthbed)
3. Black (ft. Ro Han of I Built the Sky)
4. Youth Decay
5. Naminé
6. no. XIV

Listen to the full EP stream below: