Traitors - Night Terrors


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CHG 111
Label: Chugcore International

We are proud to announce that the boys are back!!! Traitors has announced their comeback today 8/23/17 and to celebrate Traitors and their legacy, we are re-stocking on all 4 albums in our store.

We are proud to be able to be the sole distributor carrying ALL 4 Traitors releases in one convenient store. Buy one, buy a few, or buy em all! Traitors is a staple band in the Downtempo and heavy music scene and one who broke out and helped bring this genre to entirely new heights not reached before by any band at this level.


Chugcore has pressed all 3 of the bands most recent releases, The Hate Campaign, Night Terrors and Mental State, and we have gotten a couple of copies from the band of their brand new Jewel case pressing of the Self-Titled EP, which will be considered a self-pressing by the band.

This particular release is for the bands 3rd effort, the EP titled Night Terrors. This release contains 6 tracks. CDs will be in standard size jewel cases. The album will be printed in full color with a 6 panel booklet including all the lyrics. This pressing will the the first official Chugcore discography pressing, meaning it's the first one to have an official Chugcore number.


This product is available and shipping out NOW! Please allow 2-3 days for order processing before the package is shipped.

This item contains the Night Terrors CD only. To see what other options we have available for Traitors, please go here:


1. Phantasm
2. Intruder
3. Cold
4. Dead In The Head
5. Sleep Disorder
6. Burnout (ft. Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder)

Listen to the full album stream below: