Until We Die - Before The Decay Of Time [Limited Edition Digipak]


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CHG 096
Label: Chugcore International

We welcome the newest addition to the Melodic Deathcore side of Chugcore, presenting Until We Die, a ONE man Self Produced band from Vienna, Austria, for fans of Angelmaker, And Hell Followed With, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Rose Funeral.

This is the debut release of the band, which is a full length album featuring 13 songs, including one limited edition bonus track, and featuring guest vocals from Dan Watson of Enterprise Earth, Guillaume Villeneuve ex-Beyond Deviation, and Rok Rupnik of Within Destruction.

This release will be printed as a limited edition Digipak, hand-numbered and limited to 100 copies worldwide. CDs will be in a 6 panel digipak. The album will be printed in full color including a beautiful 6 panel layout of art.

This is a pre-order item. 'Before The Decay of Time' will be released digitally on November 29th, 2016. The items will be on pre-order until this time. Afterward, they will begin the printing process. CDs are expected to take 2 weeks to be printed before being shipped out.

This item contains the Digipak only. To see what other options we have available for this release, including T-Shirts and Wall Flags, please go here: http://www.tiny.cc/UntilWeDie-Bundles


1. A Tragedy Unfolds
2. Bereft of Life
3. Countdown to Extinction
4. The Conquerors (feat. Dan Watson of Enterprise Earth)
5. Before the Decay of Time
6. The Final Symphony
7. Distorting of Perception (feat. Guillaume Villeneuve of Pear of Anguish)
8. As Fear Became Reality
9. Forsake the Fallen
10. King of the Dead
11. Silence in Solitude (feat. Rok Rupnik of Within Destruction)
12. Ethereal Epiphany
13. Daimonas [Bonus Track]
Total Play Time: 46:40

Check out their 2nd single "The Conquerors" featuring Dan Watson below: