Australia Bundle - To The Grave/The Gloom In The Corner [2 CDs]


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CHG 085 & CHG 087
Label: Chugcore International

2 Brand new Australian releases that Chugcore put out this month have teamed up to bring you the Chugcore ultimate Australian bundle, with tons of variety in here. We are happy to bring you this exclusive 2 CD bundle where you can buy 2 amazing releases together and save.

We have The Gloom In The Corner which is an extremely unique Nu Metalcore act from Melbourne who bring you their 10 track concept album release. And we have To The Grave, the Sydney Deathcore/Groove brutes who's 4 track EP "No Lives Matter" is sure to have you angry as hell.

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To The Grave - "No Lives Matter" Tracklist:
1. Aokigahara
2. Hearteater
3. Devil's Reject (feat. Luke Hegarty of Tomb of Doom)
4. Born Dead (feat. Rheese Peters) [Bonus Track]

The Gloom In The Corner - "Fear Me" Tracklist:
1. Heaven's Collapse 01:58
2. Jay (ft. Danny Munoz of The Sign Of Four) 04:08
3. (i) Soul Of Angels 03:18
4. The Funeral 04:57
5. Coffin Bearer 04:48
6. Oxymoron 04:43
7. When I Walk, (ft. Hannah Kyberd) 07:51
8. (ii) Body Of Glass 06:05
9. Mud (ft. Jerry Chard of Honest Crooks) 03:56
10. Grim Sleeper 14:39