Clawhammer - Infernum In Terra EP [Jewel Case CD]


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CHG 086
Label: Chugcore International

Back in stock by popular demand, we bring you the re-press of the debut EP from Scotting Slam Titans, Clawhammer. Bringing you their 5 track EP featuring guest vocal spots from Acrania, Bodybag, Brawl Between Enemies and Revelations, Clawhammer is heavy as nails and becoming a fan favorite in the beatdown scene.

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This CD is printed in full color, standard size jewel cases. The album features a 4 panel lyric booklet.

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1. Intro/Infernum In Terra (ft. Gerardo Pavon of Bodybag)
2. Lycnching (ft. Rob & Phips of Brawl Between Enemies)
3. Human Disease (ft. Yannick of CYF & Cedric of LTK)
4. Agony of Judas (ft. Luke Griffin of Human Error & Acrania)
5. Realm of the Wicked (ft. Brad Harkness of Revelations)

Stream the full album here: