Vaalbara - Self-Titled EP (Limited to 50)


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Label: Chugcore International

A very special addition to Chugcore's store, and something we have never really done before, we have NOW AVAILABLE, physical copies of Vaalbara's upcoming self-titled EP, which does not drop digitally until September 22nd, 2016, however we will be shipping out the CDs early to those who choose to support, and all orders will ship out as soon as they are placed.

This is a chance to show your support for physical media, and our chance to give back by giving the album way beforehand to those who choose to support. All those who place an order will also receive a download code which grants you access to download the EP early from the Vaalbara bandcamp, this is for those who have to wait long for orders (such as international customers).

Vaalbara's EP contains 5 tracks of Nu Metalcore/Groove from this Colorado band. The Chugcore exclusive pressing will only be available online in a very limited run of 50 copies, 40 of which will be hand numbered.

CDs will be in standard size jewel cases with full color artwork. Choose whether you want a hand-numbered CD (comes un-sealed) or a standard un-numbered CD (comes sealed in shrinkwrap).

This item is in stock and ready to ship out immediately!! Even though this album does not drop until 9/22, we are giving fans a chance to hear the album before anyone else! This item is a very limited release so do not wait to place an order! Please allow 1-2 days for order processing before the CDs are shipped.


1. Abyss
2. lovesong
4. Chapter IV
5. Blurred Lines//Slurred Words ft Connor Welsh of Introvert 03:20

Stream the first single "Blurred Lines // Slurred Words" here through Chugcore: