Dealey Plaza - The Masonic Diaries (Cassette Tape)


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CHG 025-2
Label: Chugcore International

Chugcore is bringing you Dealey Plaza's 2015 album "Deliver Us" as well as their 2013 album "The Masonic Diaries" to cassette tape via a very limited pressing.

Each cassette tape will have 2 different variants printed to choose from. The Pressing info can be seen as follows:

Deliver Us
Silver Metallic (/50)
Lavender (/50)

The Masonic Diaries
Gold Metallic (/50)
Dark Blue Tinted (/50)

Only 50 tapes will be available of each variant, and they will be hand-numbered. Tapes will be in standard cassette format, with a traditional trifolded printed insert (J-Card) which includes the cover, the spine, the back cover, and also a full reverse side as well. The cassettes have a full color sticker label.

This particular bundle includes a choice of 1 of the 2 variants for "The Masonic Diaries" cassette tape, OR the option to buy both variants together for a bundle price of $15.

To see what other items we have available for Dealey Plaza, including tape bundles with the Deliver Us tape, please visit the Dealey Collection here:

This product is in stock and shipping out NOW!! Please allow 2-3 days for order processing before the tapes are shipped.

Side A
1. The Masonic Diaries
2. Theories
3. The Eye
4. Eight Forty Six (Ft. Dan Watson of Infant Annihilator)
5. Disarm
6. The Reign
Side B
1. A Hostile Takeover
2. A Captive Wasteland
3. USA Scum
4. Rise of the Dwellers
5. Espionage
6. A Nation Reborn