Towers - Into The Void (Re-Release)


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CHG 065
Label: Chugcore International

We are proud to be partnering up with Towers to bring you the re-release, REMASTERED version of their Into The Void EP in Jewel Case for this time as opposed to sleeves as printed in the past and with all new red alternate artwork.

This release of their 2013 album on physical will include the original 7 tracks, almost 30 minutes of material all remastered specifically for this release. In addition it will also contain Towers' newest single 'Burn With Me' Included as a bonus track.

In addition we are also offering a brand new Towers "Burn With Me" shirt design, which is also available as a bundle with the album. This bundle contains the CD in jewel case only. If you wish to see what other bundles are available for this release, please go here:

Please allow 2-3 days for order processing before the CDs are shipped.

1. From Silence
2. Potema
3. Malice Hands
4. Break /Rebuild
5. Hollowed
6. Revenant
7. Grievance
8. Burn With Me [Bonus Track]

Check out the newest single "Burn With Me" here:

Stream "Into The Void" in full here: