Tomb of Doom - Bone Thieves

Tomb of Doom - Bone Thieves


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Label: RTD Records

Very limited sale of some Tomb of Domb full length albums, "Bone Thieves". We only received 15 copies from the band and they will be gone in a heartbeat, so grab em quick ;).

This CD features 11 tracks of Aussie Deathcore/Brutal metal, and is printed in CD jewel case form with a lyric booklet. These CDs come UNSEALED. This product is available and shipping out NOW!

Please allow 2-3 days for order processing before the CDs are shipped. Please note this is a distribution only release and not an official Chugcore pressing.

1. Grit 03:35
2. Lined In Chalk (ft. Deciever + The Red Shore) 03:35
3. Face Of Conflict 04:47
4. Blood Hounds 04:13
5. Rags To Riches 03:14
6. Civil Disobedience 01:51
7. Living Profits 06:04
8. Bone Thief 03:27
9. Sergeant Slaughter 04:00
10. Watchmen 03:59
11. Monetary Monarchy 02:33

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