The Gideon Benefit Compilation


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CHG C002
Label: Chugcore International

Chugcore and Superficial Plagues are proud to unveil this compilation album we have been putting together with the music community featuring 18 underground artists coming together to benefit a good cause. As some people may know back in March Gideon were robbed and merch money, guarantees and personal belongings were stolen. To make matters worse, nearly just a week or so later the band also were involved in an accident which left their van near totaled. However Gideon is not a band who gives up easily. Everyone was okay in the accident and they kept pushing and continued their tour with Counterparts, Expire, and Knocked Loose. (Articles Here:

A GoFundMe was set up for the cause, however it still has not reached it's goal ( Our intention is to help get these guys even more support toward their recovery fund. Thanks to the 18 bands who contributed a track to this album, the CDs themselves are paid for, and every single album donated is going directly to the cause!! This is an incredible effort and we cannot thank the bands enough for being a part of this.

This compilation album will be presented in a jewel case CD with artwork by Caelan Stokkermans Design. 18 different artists contributed the tracks featured on this compilation. The price of the physical CD is $6.99 and there is also a digital only, bandcamp version available from Superficial Plagues here:

If you wish to donate directly to the cause we suggest you visit the GoFundMe account set up here: or just purchase multiple copies of the album through us!! We thank you for any and all donations to this cause that you are able to give.

CDs will be in standard size jewel cases. Please allow 2-3 days for order processing before the CDs are shipped.

Here is the official tracklist for the Gideon Benefit Compilation proudly presented by Chugcore and Superficial Plagues:

1. Degrader - Dead Presidents
2. Fight Fall - The Black Heart Melody
3. The Fallen Prodigy - Weakness Is Simple
4. Portals - Apex
5. Eternalist - Victims
6. Comatose - Murder
7. I Am King - Rolling Stone
8. Lock & Key - Hostile
9. IRRITA – Abjection
10. Mugshot - Cloak
11. Shallow Views - Feeders
12. Ascent of Apophis – Sacrilege
13. Valtiel - Deliverance
14. Nemisis - A Haunting Note (ft. Alex Fidler)
15. Trace Your Steps - Animal
16. American Zero – A Lover's Wasteland
17. Through Her Eyes - Undeserving
18. ANAHATA - Serotonin/Dopamine