Before The Harvest - Wretched Existence [Import]


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Label: Vicious Instinct Records
VIR 006

Now in stock, Australian symphonic deathcore act Before The Harvest, who has gained attention worldwide for their 2015 release 'Wretched Existence'. This band combines symphonic and technical deathcore with slamming brutal death metal. A very unique sound.

This CD features 9 tracks and includes guest vocals by the vocalists of The Schoenberg Automaton, Traitors, and Vulvodynia. This release is printed in CD jewel case form with a lyric booklet. The jewel cases come sealed in a clear re-sealable bag.

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1. Process Of Deterioration
2. Overriding The Menial
3. Anesthetized Dissection (ft. Tyler Shelton of Traitors)
4. Nefarious Voracity
5. Achluophobia (ft. Jake Gerstle of The Schoenberg Automaton)
6. Lifeform Disintegration Ray (ft. Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia)
7. Filthy Breed
8. Obscene Turpitude
9. Denouement...

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