The Great Gray Compilation [MACC First Official Compilation Album]


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CHG C001
Label: Chugcore International

The first official Metal and Core Community Compilation Album for Charity, presented by Chugcore and Infectious Sounds. This is an amazing collaborative effort put on by the community to come together in support of our amazing friend and brother. As some people may know, Guy Gray, a long time member of the metal community, tragically passed away last Monday. His impact on all of our lives will never be forgotten and he will be greatly missed by us all. This compilation is to honor his life and to remember how he affected us all.

The compilation album featuring all members of Metal and Core Collectors own bands, is available for purchase through the Chugcore and Infectious Sounds online stores, with 100% of the profits after CD production expenses going to the family of Guy Gray.

This is a double jewel case CD which will feature 2 full discs of music! The artwork will actually be compiled of hand drawings done by Guy himself and digitalized and put together by Alan Grnja of Almanc Designs. Over 30 artists are featured on this compilation.

The price of the CD is $7.77, as 7 was a very special number in Guy's life, and we also offer options to pay 8, 9, 10, 12, 15 and more, for those that are able to give, so the price you choose to give is up to you! If you wish to donate directly via Paypal for a different amount you can, and all direct money sent is able to be given to Guy's family without being subject to any fees if you choose family/friends on Paypal. Our email for Paypal is We thank you for any and all amounts that you are able to give.

For UK and other European fans, order through Infectious Sounds for best shipping rates:

There is also a digital version of the album available on bandcamp here:

CDs will be in standard size jewel cases. Please allow 2-3 days for order processing before the CDs are shipped.

Here is the official tracklist for the very first Metal and Core Compilation album for charity, entitled "The Great Gray Compilation":

Disc One
1. Enterprise Earth - Patient Zero
2. Traitors - The Hate Campaign
3. Becoming Akh - The Jackyl and the Hunter (ft. Alan Grnja of Shrill Whispers)
4. Embrace Agony - Nails
5. KING - Deceiver (ft. Anthony Alexander of REX)
6. Invoker - 10-95
7. False Hands - Betrayal
8. CARBINE - Lead Those Who Follow (ft. Luke Griffin of Acrania)
9. End Of The Atlas - Pleasant Valley Ain't So Pleasant
10. Dealey Plaza - Lead Poisoning (ft. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher)
11. WICKED WORLD - Save My Soul
12. XSPONGEXCOREx - Destroyer of Evil
13. DISCLAIMER - King (ft. Andrew Hileman of I AM)
14. Animality - Blood Splatterered Brain Matter
15. Filth - Insomniac
16. Witness the Recreant - Malevolence
17. Death Inside Us - My Salvation
18. Necropia - OCD
19. The American Homestead - The Company You Keep
20. For the Likes of You - Villains & Victims (ft. Zesty Sams)

Disc Two
21. Cunt Cuntly - Double Rainbow
22. Across Frozen Seas - Anger (ft. Gryme)
23. Lost Fortune - Living Ghost
24. Shrill Whispers - The Bringing Of Tragedy
25. Abyss Walker - Leeches
26. Spilling Entrails - Expurgated Demoniacal Spirits
27. Dreamwaves - Focus
28. Portals - Cold
29. Vaalbara - Pushover
30. These Fading Visions - Ink Stained Promise
31. Risking It All - Repetition of History
32. American Zero - A Lover's Wasteland
33. Until We Die - Blessed With Insanity
34. Inside The Cipher - At The Gates
35. Vacive - Deadbeat
36. DESTITUTE - Dismantled Thoughts
37. Project Leda - Eat The Rich
38. Cheerleader Concubine - Carnivorous Malformation (ft. Spetsnaz of Go-Zen)
39. IRRITA - Abjection
40. A Wake In Providence - Bane