Shattered Horizons - Self-Titled EP


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CHG 049
Label: Chugcore International

Slamming away from the depths of the UK comes Shattered Horizons, a unique blend of Deathcore with slam vocal stylings, perfect for Chugcore's fans of the heaviest tunes possible. This brand new release to our store is of their Self-Titled debut EP that dropped last December.

The EP brings you this 5 slamming heavy tracks featuring guest vocals from Dickie Allen, Dominic of Depths of Hatred and Steven of From Sorrow To Serenity.

CDs will be in sealed standard size jewel cases. Please allow 2-3 days for order processing before the CDs are shipped.

1. Dissipation 01:33
2. Deceiving The Innocent (Feat. Steven Jones of From Sorrow To Serenity) 04:09
3. Suppressing The Oppressor (Feat. Dickie Allen) 03:52
4. Outlander (Feat. Dominic D.D. of Depths Of Hatred) 04:04
5. Valor 02:17

Stream the full album here: