A Wake In Providence - Serpents EP & Poster


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CHG 048
Label: Chugcore International

Pre-Order a copy of A Wake In Providence's debut EP 'Serpents' which was previously out of press since 2012. Their EP has been in high demand ever since, and so Chugcore and AWIP teamed up to bring you this very limited release of only 100 copies with an exclusive poster.

This will be only a 1 time printing and these will be the only copies made. Each customer who orders will automatically receive a hand numbered and signed exclusive poster. The CDs themselves will NOT be hand-numbered.
The design of the poster is still being created and may not be exactly the same as the image in the preview. Please note that all posters will come folded in the package with the CD order.

CDs will be in standard size jewel cases.
This is a Pre-Order item. CDs will be printed once the 100 pre-orders are met. Expect these to go fast.

1. Dominion 01:59
2. Forsaken 03:56
3. Ruination (ft. Lucas Borza of Honour Crest) 03:35
4. Serpents 04:16
5. A King Without A Kingdom (ft. Nick Vitale of Heroes) 05:17
6. Through The Eyes Of A Traitor 05:33

Stream the full album here: