Pry - Nodus Tollens EP


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CHG 045
Label: Chugcore International
Artist: Pry
Album: Nodus Tollens
Format: Jewel Case
Released: January 15, 2016
Genre: Downtempo/Deathcore
Location: Milford, CT
FFO: Feign, Bodysnatcher, Traitors & Immoralist


Chugcore fan favorites PRY, who have been dominating the Down-tempo scene lately with their singles "Spite" and "Torn" have released their debut EP thru Chugcore. Pry completes the EP with 7 other jaw shattering tracks featuring guest vocals from Bodysnatcher, Filth, I Am and SCVM.


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1. Nodus Tollens
2. Loathe (ft. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher)
3. Battered
4. Odium
5. Cruel
6. Grudge
7. Spite (ft. Andrew Hileman of I Am)
8. Torn (ft. Dylan Daniels of SCVM)
9. Dread (ft. Dustin Mitchell of Filth)

Stream the full album here: