Astral Evisceration on All Hallow's Eve [8 Band Split]


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Pre-Order a copy of a very limited Chugcore pressing, our very first cassette tape, which will be the 8 band, 8 track, Halloween split, which releases digitally on Halloween 2015. This will be limited to only 50 hand-numbered tapes printed. Only hand-numbered will be available and only 50 total tapes will be made, so order while you can, cuz they wont last long!

Featuring 8 of the heaviest, most slammy Death Metal, and Deathcore bands from across the world, we have:

Vulvodynia (South Africa)
Chamber Of Malice (Germany)
Existence Has Failed (US)
Before The Harvest (Australia)
The Overmind (South Africa)
Despondent (US)
Cunt Cuntly (US)
Become The Watcher (South Africa)

Tapes will be in standard cassette format, with a trifolded printed insert, which includes the cover, the spine, and the back cover.

This is a Pre-Order item. Tapes will be printed once the 50 pre-orders are met.