The Battle Within - The Midst of Perdition


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CHG 021
Label: Chugcore International

On sale now, the 2012 full length album by Arkansas natives, The Battle Within featuring 8 tracks of brutality. This album was released on March 26, 2012 and was previously only printed as a sleeve. It has been out of stock for a while, and due to demand, we are bringing it back.

CDs will be in standard size jewel cases. Please allow an initial 2 weeks for order processing before the CDs are shipped. After this period the CDs will ship out in 2-3 days regularly.

1. The Midst of Perdition (Intro) 01:01
2. The Procedure of Man 02:47
3. Night Dweller 03:06
4. Constrained In My Captivity 03:27
5. Clockwork 04:37
6. Anatomizer 03:09
7. Structures and Body Bags 04:05
8. Anathema 03:05

Stream the full album here: