We have a new policy in place to thank our supporters who place HUGE orders through us, when you order in bulk through Chugcore, now you will save!!

Buy any 8 CDs through Chugcore, get 1 CD free*

Buy any 12 CDs through Chugcore, get 2 CDs free*

Buy any 15 CDs through Chugcore, get 3 CDs free*

To choose your free CDs: All you have to do is while placing an order for the correct amount of CDs, in the purchase order notes be sure to write which 1-3 titles you are selecting to receive for free. If you forget to write which CDs you want in the notes, send us an email to chugcore.orders@gmail.com and we will take care of it for you.

CDs sold in 2, 3 or 4 pack bundles WILL be counted as 2, 3 or 4 CDs respectively when adding to the total number of CDs in your order.

*Free CDs must be of equal or lesser value to items purchased, so for example you cannot buy 8 CDs that cost $6 and get a $10 CD for free. In order to get a $10 CD for free you must have purchased at least one $10 item in your order.

Please Note: We cannot offer our distribution only titles (aka the releases pressed by other labels or band self-pressings) as free CDs because of the higher costs of us acquiring these titles. Your selection must be one of the currently available Chugcore discography titles. Please note, some limited press Chugcore titles may not be available as free CDs, as the stock is limited.